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Too Many Cooks Tea Towel

Designed by Lucienne Day

Manufactured by TwentyTwentyOne

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Too Many Cooks tea towel by Lucienne Day for twentytwentyone.

Day's tea towel designs, originally launched in 1959, encapsulate the sensitive, organic and progressive talent of one of Britain's true and lasting creative spirits.

Made in Ireland using 100% linen, these designs differ from the repeat-pattern of much of Lucienne's other design.

Though not undermining its functionality and everyday value, the Lucienne Day tea towel works as a stand-alone artwork, as well as a household tool.

Available in 4 different versions: 'Too Many Cooks', 'Black Leaf', 'Night & Day' and 'Batterie de Cuisine'.

48w x 73h


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