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Otis table small

Designed by John Green

Manufactured by John Green Designs

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The Otis table is a solid oak table from York-based designer John Green. and is available with either an oak or linoleum top. The table forms part of the the Otis range of chairs and stools. As well as this 800mm version it is also available as a 1400mm rectangular table.

The tabletop can be specified in either plain oak or in linoleum.

Lead time 4-6 weeks. Manufactured by John Green in York.

Length: 800mm
Width: 800mm
Height: 730mm

Ash 4132
Mauve 4172
Burgundy 4154
Salsa 4164
Orange blast 4186
Powder 4185
Pearl 4157
Midnight blue 4181
Aquavert 4180
Pistachio 4183
Olive 4184
Conifer 4174
Spring green 4182
Smokey blue 4179
Nero 4023
Charcoal 4166
Iron 4178
Vapour 4177
Pewter 4155
Pebble 4175
Mushroom 4176

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