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Anglepoise Original 1227 Desk Lamp

Designed by George Carwardine

Manufactured by Anglepoise

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The Original 1227 Anglepoise Desk Lamp was designed by George Cawardine in 1935 and since then has become an icon of, not just British, but global design. Cawardine was originally an automotive engineer but after stumbling on a design for a new type of spring realised that it had applications outside of the car industry. From a workshop in his garden in Bath he produced the first Anglepoise lamp in 1932 and then three years later, after a number of iterations, he produced the most famous of all the Anglepoise models, the Original 1227.

The lamp's appeal lay in its perfect balance and its almost endless adjustability. This made the lamp particularly useful for both desk workers and craftspeople. Today, more than eighty years later, the design remains as perfect and timeless as when it first emerged from George Cawardine's shed.


Gloss paint or bright chrome plated finish
Aluminium shade
Chrome plated fittings
Cast Iron base with steel cover
Aluminium arms
Anglepoise® constant tension spring technology


Shade diameter: 14.5cm
Shade height: 15cm
Max reach: 60cm (from base to shade)
Base size: 15 x 15cm
Cable length: 200cm

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