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About us

Polyside chair by Robin Day

"In the 1950s we both participated in the surge of modern design that was released by the ending of the war and material restrictions. There was a growing feeling of optimism and an anticipation of the emergence of a bright new world and we thought that progressive design could contribute to the quality of people's lives. We were both supported by our mutual desire to produce designs that would overcome the dreariness of the previous decade, and make it possible for the many - rather than the few - to enjoy pleasant surroundings at a reasonable price."

Robin Day in the preface to Robin & Lucienne Day: Pioneers of Contemporary Design by Leslie Jackson

At Britain Can Make It we aim to continue the spirit of the post war designers, including Robin Day, Lucienne Day and Ernest Race. We love mid-century and modern British design and we want to give people the opportunity to bring it into their homes.

I started the business after working in Scandinavian design and realising that Britain's modernist design heritage wasn't anywhere near as well known as that of the Nordic countries.

Britain Can Make It takes its name from the 1946 exhibition of industrial and product design of the same name. The exhibition took place at the Victoria and Albert Museum and was organised by the Council of Industrial Design. Despite being dubbed 'Britain Can't Have It' at the time due to the lack of availability of products, it proved enormously popular with the British public who had been starved of new products during the war years. At Britain Can Make It, we hope to rekindle that excitement in new, British design both by rediscovering sometimes forgotten mid-century classics and by finding contemporary British designs that continue to push boundaries. 

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