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Kenneth Grange

Sir Kenneth Grange designerSir Kenneth Grange is the one of the greatest British industrial designers of the last 50 years. It's no exaggeration to say that everyone in Britain today has either used or come into contact with one of his designs at some time. His most famous designs include his work on the iconic InterCity 125 train and the TX1 London black cab. He has also worked for Kenwood, Wilkinson Sword, Kodak, Morphy Richards, Anglepoise, Parker and Royal Mail.

Kenneth Grange was born on the 17th July 1929 in the East End of London. His father was a policeman and during the war worked in bomb disposal. Grange showed an aptitude for drawing from an early age and when he was 14 he won a scholarship to Willesden School of Arts and Crafts.

After leaving art school in 1947 Grange went to work at a firm of architects which among other things designed prefabricated houses. After completing his National Service with the Royal Engineers he returned to architectural practice and in 1951 worked on the Sports Pavilion at the Festival of Britain.

In 1952 Grange went to work for Jack Howe but continued to work on freelance projects in his spare time. It was through Jack Howe that Grange was introduced to Kodak and thus began a collaboration that produced nearly 20 years of iconic designs.

From the 1960s onwards Kenneth Grange's reputation grew and grew and he was commissioned to produce designs in almost every sphere of industrial design. He has continued to produce designs to the present day.


An interview with Sir Kenneth from the RSA


Kenneth Grange Making Britain Modern ISBN 9781907317545


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